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Our favorite diesel vehicles

1) The Volkswagen Jetta tdi wagon – This diesel tdi was available in the U.S. in 2002-2005 and then again 2009 to present. Only the 2002-2005 Jetta tdi wagons are 100% biodiesel ready. 2009 and newer vehicles are limited to 5% biodiesel due to a change in emissions equipment. The jetta tdi wagon is our most popular vehicle because of it’s versatility and size for the high fuel economy – 40-49mpg. The Green Car company sells more 2002-2005 Jetta tdi wagons than any dealer in the U.S.

2) The Volkswagen Golf tdi – the Golf tdi shares the same 1.9L tdi engine with the Jetta and Beetle.  The Golf tdi is a peppy and sporty diesel vehicle that can get 40-49mpg.  Hatchbacks are quite versatile and the back seats fold down completely or in a 60/40 split.  The Green Car Company always has an inventory of 5 speed manual and automatic Golf tdi diesel vehicles.

3) The Passat tdi wagon – the Passat tdi wagon has the larger 2.0L tdi engine and is built on the Audi chassis. If you need maximum space in a tdi wagon, then the Passat tdi wagon may be for you.  You can easily seat 3 passengers in the back seat and car seats fit quite easily.  There is more legroom and slightly more cargo capacity than the Jetta tdi wagon. The Passat is also a bit more luxurious. Unfortunately, size and luxury does reduce the fuel economy to 35-40mpg for the passat but that is still very high mpg for it’s class.  This Passat tdi wagon is very rare as it was only sold in the U.S, for 2004 and 2005 model years. The Green Car company specializes in rare tdi vehicles and usually has at least one or two passat tdi wagons in stock.

New and Used tdi parts

We have a full selection of NEW and used parts for the Volkswagen tdi vehicles.  Timing belt kits, flywheels, clutch kits, lighting, brakes, etc….The Green Car Company can supply all of your Volkswagen tdi parts.

For information on VW tdi parts, please visit www.vwtdistore.com

You can check out our bay store here: http://stores.ebay.com/The-Green-Car-Company?_rdc=1


Out of State Buyers Program

At The Green Car Company, we specialize in hard to find Volkswagen diesel vehicles.  We have clients from all over the U.S., especially in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and other western states.  We also ship to the east coast, Hawaii, and Alaska.  We try to make the out of state vehicle purchase process as painless as possible.  People buy cars from Ebay Motors all of the time but it is very hard to obtain a quality VW tdi that way.  You never know what you are going to get.  At The Green Car Company, we thoroughly inspect each diesel vehicle and we complete a pre-purchase inspection form.  We can email or fax that report on any of our vehicles to prospective buyers alongg with a copy of the Carfax report.  We take detailed photos of each car including any defects.  We are more than happy to send you any additional photos or even a walk around video.  We also allow our out of state clients to arrange a 3rd party buyer’s inspection at the local VW dealer. We will gladly drop off the vehicle that you are interested in at the dealer.  The Green Car Company also offers easy financing to our out of state clients. You can apply online or over the phone and get an approval within an hour.  We handle all of the paperwork for you and prepare all of your licensing documents for the state you will license your vehicle in.

Here is an overview of the out of state buyer’s process:

1) Look at our vehicle inventory at www.vwtdis.com

2) Identify a particular vehicle that you are interested in.

3) Call or email us with the stock number and we will email you a copy of the pre-purchase inspection report, carafe report, and a link to any additional photos.

4) Apply for credit or arrange your vehicle financing.

5) Secure your vehicle with a credit card deposit.

6) Sales/financing documents will arrive via fed ex. You will sign the documents and return in a pre-paid fed ex envelope.

7) Complete the payment of your vehicle with financing, cashier’s check or bank wire.

8.) Fly to Seatac to pick up your vehicle or we will have it shipped to your house on an insured transport truck. If you fly to Seatac airport, we will pick you up or arrange for a taxi for you.

9) Receive your new vehicle and enjoy driving a diesel vehicle that gets 40-49mpg!



Biodiesel Usage

The Green Car Company sells Volkswagen tdi vehicles that are biodiesel ready. These are VW tdi Jettas, Beetles, and Golfs from 1999-2006.  You can use any blend of biodiesel from B5 to B100 for these diesel vehicles.  You cannot use high blends of biodiesel in 2009-2012 tdi vehicles!

For more information on bodies, you can go to www.biodiesel.org.

Here is a link to retail fueling stations that sell biodiesel:


At The Green Car Company, we are experts in the use of biodiesel for tdi vehicles.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about biodiesel.  We support alternative fuels like biodiesel as they are cleaner burning fuels that are much more sustainable than petroleum based fuels.